The 2006 Kyoto Prize Workshops

Symposium: Design, Technology and Tradition

Issey Miyake

/  Designer

Arts and Philosophy

Arts(Painting, Sculpture, Craft, Architecture, Photography, Design, etc.)


11 /12 Sun

13:00 - 16:30

Place: Kyoto International Conference Center

Address:Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan



Opening Address Shuji Takashina
Introduction to Laureate Akiko Fukai (Member, Kyoto Prize Selection Committee in Arts and Philosophy; Director and Chief Curator, The Kyoto Costume Institute; Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Shizuoka University of Art and Culture)
Laureate Lecture Issey Miyake (the Laureate in Arts and Philosophy)
“Design, Technology and Tradition”
Panel Discussion “21_21 DESIGN SIGHT: A Conversation with the Directors”
Moderator: Shuji Takashina
Laureate: Issey Miyake
Panelists: Tadao Ando (Architect, the 2002 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Arts and Philosophy)
Taku Sato (Graphic Designer)
Naoto Fukasawa (Product Designer)
Noriko Kawakami (Design Journalist)


Issey Miyake


Mr. Issey Miyake, with his originality, has recaptured the relationship between plane fabrics and the three-dimensionality of the human body and formulated the epoch-making concept of “a piece of cloth (A-POC)” rooted in Eastern culture. Applying this concept and cutting edge technology to his designs, he has been creating clothing that can become a part of people’s lives, cutting across time, national borders, and classes.

*This field then was Field of Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Craft, Architecture, Design).


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November 12, 2006
Kyoto International Conference Center
Coordinator and Supervisor
Shuji Takashina (Chairman, Kyoto Prize Committee in Arts and Philosophy; Principal of Graduate School, Kyoto University of Art and Design)