In honor of the Kyoto Prize laureates, a series of commemorative events and symposiums are held both in and outside of Japan.

Kyoto Prize Week, Japan (November)

Official Events

  • Prize Presentation Ceremony

    The Kyoto Prize presentation ceremony is held on a grand scale at the Kyoto International Conference Center, in the presence of distinguished guests from various quarters around the globe. Each laureate is presented with a 20K gold Kyoto Prize medal, a diploma, and the prize money of 100 million yen.

  • Banquet

    Some 800 distinguished guests including ambassadors and consuls general from many countries gather to celebrate the Kyoto Prize laureates.

  • Welcome Reception

    Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Honorary President of the Inamori Foundation, Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Mayor of Kyoto City, and many other distinguished guests gather to welcome the Kyoto Prize laureates.

  • Commemorative Lectures

    Commemorative lectures provide an opportunity to not only get to know the outstanding achievements of the laureates but also their life philosophies. The laureates, who are leading authorities in their own fields, speak to the audience in layperson’s terms, often sharing intriguing episodes of their research.

  • Workshops

    With guest speakers in attendance, workshops are held in each category for audience members better versed in their given topics. Participants engage in a lively discussion on the laureate’s achievements.

Related events in Japan

  • Welcome Reception / Laureate Lectures in Kagoshima

    From 2014, lecture meetings have also been held every year in Kagoshima on the southern tip of the island of Kyushu, and the Kyoto Prize laureates are invited to attend. The event is sponsored by the Kyoto Prize Laureate Lectures Committee, which comprises Kagoshima Prefecture, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima University, and the Kagoshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • Kyoto Prize Symposium, San Diego, U.S.A. (March)

    Kyoto Prize Symposium is held in San Diego, California, inviting the latest Kyoto Prize laureates. The Kyoto Symposium Organization and host universities have managed the events since 2002 with a cooperation of local citizens.


  • Kyoto Prize at Oxford, U.K. (May)

    From 2017, the University of Oxford will host the Kyoto Prize laureates for the Kyoto Prize at Oxford, a brand new event which will generate a variety of lectures, interactive seminars and panel discussions. The Kyoto Prize at Oxford will provide opportunities for students and faculty across Oxford, and more broadly for people across Europe, to learn about Inamori’s philosophy and the values of the Kyoto Prize.