On November 11, the Commemorative Lectures were held at the main hall of the Kyoto International Conference Center. The audience listened intently, taking memo sometimes, to words of the laureates. You can see part of their address herein.


Dr. Deisseroth said “Thank you very much for this incredible honor and for the opportunity to share some of the joy of this work and this time and biology with all of you in fact what I hope to do is convey some of the simplicity of the very early steps in a scientific journey.


Dr. Kashiwara said “Looking back my mathematics research life over 50 years, I realized my own luck that I got tremendous helps from so many people, and endowed with indefinable wonderful opportunities. I am a researcher who likes joint works relatively as I have actually issued coauthored theses with approximately 40 people. I regard it is my great fortune to have had scads of co-researchers.”


Ms. Jonas said “I went to Japan in 1970 and saw the Noh theater. It had a significant influence on me and my work.” “I bought a video camera in Japan in 1970 and started working with closed circuit video system, which was quite a revolutionary video system at that time.”

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