In Memory of Dr. Masatoshi Nei, who Has Contributed Extensively to the Development of Molecular Evolutionary Biology

Masatoshi Nei

The 2013 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Basic Sciences, Dr. Masatoshi Nei, passed away at the age of 92.

He has devised statistical methods for handling genetic information such as the “neighbor-joining method” and “Nei’s genetic distance,” which have contributed significantly to the quantitative analysis in evolutionary biology. He received the Kyoto Prize for his “Research on the Evolution of Biological Populations Using Quantitative Analyses of Genetic Variation and Evolutionary Time.”

His diverse analytical methods have yielded important contributions to molecular evolutionary biology, as well as many other academic disciplines including ecology and conservation biology.

He has also written influential textbooks, helped establish an international society of molecular evolution, and founded its highly-cited scientific journal, thus making major contributions to the education of students and the general public.

We sincerely pray for the peaceful repose of his soul.

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