Dr. Deisseroth won NIH Director’s award

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH Director: Francis S. Collins) has awarded 89 grants that will provide funding, total approximately $282 million expected over five years to extraordinarily creative scientists proposing highly innovative research to address major challenges in biomedical science.

©Steve Fisch/Stanford Schoool of Medicine, Photo courtesy of Dr. Karl Deisseroth

On November 14, 2018, Dr. Karl Deisseroth: the 2018 Kyoto Prize laureate delivers lecture at Tetsumon Memorial Auditorium, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo. Dr. Deisseroth won with coworker: Ann Brunet, PhD the NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award, given to exceptionally innovative individuals who propose research that could potentially create or challenge existing paradigms, $13.75 million to advance the basic science of how the brain and the aging process control each other.

We are now accepting an application to the Karl Deisseroth workshop: “Causal Approaches to Brain Functions Through Optogenetics and Beyond.

The NIH Director, Collins was awarded the Inamori Ethics Prize in 2008 as a principled leader of the Human Genome Project, holding enormous potential for the improvement of humankind, while he has consistently emphasized the importance of ethical and legal issues in genetics and influenced a lot as an ethical leader.