NFAJ Exhibition: Masterworks Posters of Akira Kurosawa

The Masterworks in Posters from the Collection of Toshifumi Makita “Kurosawa Travels around the World” is on the exhibition until September 23 at the National Film Archive of Japan (NFAJ), Kyobashi, Tokyo. This is a special program to celebrate the opening of the NFAJ and it has been 20 years since Kurosawa passed away. This exhibition spotlights Kurosawa’s supreme internationality by showing 61 materials related to his connections abroad among 84 posters of his films from 30 countries, selected from the collection of Makita, a researcher specializing in Akira Kurosawa.

Seven Samurai, Polish Poster, 1960,
Poster: Marian Stachurski

“I believe that movies are like large, open spaces where people from all over the world gather to make friends and talk with each other. People who watch movies experience together via the screen various lives from around the world. They laugh, weep, suffer, get angry and experience life together.” –Akira Kurosawa / The 1994 Kyoto Prize Commemorative Lecture (PDF)

Kurosawa addressed in the 1994 Kyoto Prize Commemorative Lecture “Movies are like large, open spaces where people from all over the world gather.” The exhibition provides a precious opportunity that you can see a track how Kurosawa Films has attracted people in the “open spaces of the world” through various interpretations to Kurosawa Films by designers and painters in the world.

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