The 2003 Kyoto Prize Workshops

Bunraku and Tamao Yoshida

Tamao Yoshida Ⅰ

/  Bunraku Puppeteer

Arts and Philosophy

Theater, Cinema


11 /12 Wed


Place: Kyoto international Conference Hall

Address:Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan



Opening Address Shuji Takashina
(Chairman, Kyoto Prize Committee; Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)
Introduction to Bunraku (Video)
Introduction to the Laureate Kiyoshi Mizuochi
Interview with the Laureate “The Artistry of Tamao Yoshida”
Tamao Yoshida (Laureate, Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy)
Kiyoshi Mizuochi
Including video highlights from the following Bunraku performances:
Sugawara denju tenarai kagami (Sugawara’s secrets of calligraphy)
Shojo nagori no dan (“The departure of Michizane” scene)
Heike nyogo no shima (The Heike and the island of women)
Kikaigashima no dan (“Devil’s Island” scene)
Sonezaki shinju (Love suicides at Sonezaki)
Tenmaya no dan (“Tenmaya teahouse” scene)
Forum “The Art of Tamao Yoshida and the Future of Bunraku”
Kiyoshi MizuochiPanelists:
Tamao Yoshida
Yoshikazu Gondo (Theater Critic)
Mayumi Morinishi (Associate Professor, Ikenobo College; Editor-in-Chief, Kamigata geino magazine)
Tsunatayu Takemoto (Bunraku Chanter)


Tamao Yoshida Ⅰ

Bunraku Puppeteer

Tamao Yoshida is at the summit of the world of Bunraku puppet theater, one of Japan’s classical stage arts. Going beyond the mere transmission of puppetry techniques, he has added original and creative insight in puppet movement, with a virtuosity cultivated over the course of many years through a deep knowledge of the scripts and essence of the roles. Capable of emotional depictions that surpass the abilities of human actors, Mr. Tamao has contributed to Bunraku’s current status as the world’s most highly developed and refined form of puppet theater.


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November 12, 2003
Kyoto international Conference Hall
Coordinator and Moderator
Kiyoshi Mizuochi (Member, Kyoto Prize Selection Committee; Professor, Department of Arts and Culture Studies, Obirin University)