The 2013 Kyoto Prize Workshops

Integrated Circuits: 50 Years of Their Evolution and Future Prospects

Robert Heath Dennard

/  Electronics Engineer

Advanced Technology



11 /12 Tue

10:00 - 17:00

Place: Kyoto International Conference Center

Address:Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan



Opening Address and Introduction of Laureate Hiroyuki Sakaki
SessionⅠ Chairperson: Kenji Taniguchi
Laureate’s Lecture Akihiro Nitayama (Deputy General Manager, Center for Semiconductor Research & Development, Toshiba Co.)
“Technology Trends on Advanced Semiconductor Memories”
Topic Lectures of advanced memory technologies (DRAM, MRAM, ReRAM) Hideharu Miyake (Principal Professional, DRAM Business Unit, Elpida Memory, a substantial of Micron Technology, Inc.)
“Advanced DRAM Technology“
Tetsuo Endoh (Director, Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems of Tohoku University)
“STT-MRAM technology and its NV-Logic applications for Ultimate Power Management“
Norikatsu Takaura (Group leader, Phase Change Device Research Group, Low-power Electronics Association & Project (LEAP))
“New Resistive Switching Memory“
Lecture Ken Takeuchi (Professor, Chuo University)
“NAND Flash Memory and Storage Class Memory Hybrid Memory Solution for Future Big Data Application”
SessionⅡ Chairperson: Toshiro Hiramoto
Lecture Koji Inoue (Associate Professor, Kyushu University)
“Green Computing: A Computer Architecture Perspective”
Lecture Mitsumasa Koyanagi (Professor, Tohoku University)
“3D Integration to Achieve Ultra-Low Power Consumption”
Lecture Shin’ichiro Kimura (Deputy Project Leader, Low-power Electronics Association & Project)
“FD-SOI, Promising Device for Low-power Electronics”
Lecture Shinichi Takagi (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
“High Mobility Channel Transistor Technologies for Low Power CMOS”
Panel Discussion “Future Prospects of Integrated Circuits”
Moderator Moderator: Ken Uchida (Professor, Keio University)
Panelists Tetsuya Asai (Associate Professor, Hokkaido University)
Ken Takeuchi
Tetsu Tanaka (Professor, Tohoku University)
Hitoshi Wakabayashi (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Robert Heath Dennard

Electronics Engineer

Dr. Robert Heath Dennard invented the basic structure of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), which is now extensively utilized as one of integrated circuit (IC) memory systems. His innovation has immensely increased the capacity of digital information storage, leading to dramatic progress in information and telecommunications technology. Dr. Dennard and his colleagues also proposed guidelines, called “scaling theory”, to miniaturize field-effect transistors, which play key roles in most ICs, including DRAM, thereby promoting the amazing advance in IC technology.


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Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Kyoto International Conference Center
Toshiro Hiramoto (Professor, the University of Tokyo) Kenji Taniguchi (Member, Kyoto Prize Committee in Advanced Technology; President, Nara National College of Technology) Takayasu Sakurai (Professor, the University of Tokyo) Hiroyuki Sakaki (Chairman, Kyoto Prize Committee in Advanced Technology; President, Toyota Technological Institute)
Organized by Inamori Foundation
Supported by Kyoto Prefectural Government, Kyoto City Government, NHK
With the cooperation of IEEE SSCS Japan Chapter, IEEE EDS Japan Chapter, The Japan Society of Applied Physics, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan , IEICE/Electronics Society, JSPS/165th committee on Ultra Integrated Silicon System