The 2001 Kyoto Prize Workshops

Evolution and Game

John Maynard Smith

/  Evolutional Biologist

Basic Sciences

Biological Sciences(Evolution, Behavior, Ecology, Environment)


11 /12 Mon

13:10 - 17:40

Place: Kyoto International Conference Hall

Address:Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan



Opening Yoh Iwasa
Address Toyomi Inamori
Managing Director, The Inamori Foundation
Address Toshitaka Hidaka, Chairman, the Ktyoto Prize Comiittee in Basic Sciences; Director General, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Introduction of Laureate Yoh Iwasa
Laureate Lecture John Maynard Smith Laureate in Basic Sciences
“The Evolution of Animal Signals”
Lecture Tetsuo Kuwamura
Member of the Kyoto Prize Screening Committee; Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Chukyo University
“Game Theory for Animal Behavior”
Question – and – Answer
Lecture Norio Yamamura
Professor, Director of Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University
“Games between Males and Females: Mate Guarding, Parental Care, Speciation”
Question – and – Answer
Lecture Tatsuyoshi Saijo
Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University
“Emergence of Cooperation”
Question – and – Answer
Lecture Tetsukazu Yahara
Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Kyushu University
“Short-term and Long-term Advantages of Sexual Reproduction: Evidence from Empirical Studies in Asteraceae”
Question – and – Answer
Lecture Ichizo Kobayashi
Assistant Professor, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo
“Sex as a Strategy against Selfish Genetic Elements Lessons from Microbial Worlds”
Question – and – Answer
Closing Yoh Iwasa


John Maynard Smith

Evolutional Biologist

Professor Maynard Smith has made a groundbreaking contribution to the establishment of a unified understanding of fundamental issues in evolutionary biology, including social activities of organisms and the essence of the evolution of sexual reproduction, by proposing the idea of the evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS). In doing so, he has not only immensely contributed to the development of biological sciences,but he has also had major impact on other disciplines including economics and politics.


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13:00-17:40, Monday, November 12, 2001
Kyoto International Conference Hall
Coordinator & Moderator:
Yoh Iwasa, Member of the Kyoto Prize Screening Committee; Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Kyushu University