The 2019 Kyoto Prize Workshop

Wide-Field Sky Survey of the Universe: From the Past to the Future of Astronomy

James Gunn

/  Astrophysicist

Basic Sciences

Earth and Planetary Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics


11 /13 Wed

10:00 - 17:00

Place: Tetsumon Memorial Auditorium, Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Bldg. The University of Tokyo

Address:7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo MAP

Capacity:250 persons (FCFS)

Languages:English only

Admission Free



Sadanori OKAMURA

Yasushi SUTO

Takafumi MATSUI

Masashi CHIBA


Masahiro TAKADA

Constance ROCKOSI

Naoyuki TAMURA

Masamune OGURI


Coordinator and Chair
Sadanori Okamura (Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo)
Yasushi Suto (Professor, the University of Tokyo)

10:00 Opening Address
Takafumi Matsui (Executive Director of the Board of Trustees, Chiba Institute of Technology)
10:10 Introduction of Laureate
Sadanori Okamura (Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo)
“Japanese Participation in the SDSS”
10:30 Introduction of Laureate
Yasushi Suto (Professor, the University of Tokyo)
“Universe unveiled through holes of aluminum plates”
10:50 Keynote Talk
James Gunn (Emeritus Professor, Princeton University)
“The Legacy of Past and Promise of Future Surveys in Astronomy”
12:00 Lunch


Masashi Chiba (Professor, Tohoku University)
“Formation and Evolution of the Milky Way Revealed from SDSS and Subaru/HSC Surveys”
13:50 Satoshi Miyazaki (Professor, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
“Progress of Wide Field Astronomical Surveys: From SDSS to Subaru telescope survey”
14:20 Masahiro Takada (Professor, the University of Tokyo)
“Gunn-sensei and Observational Cosmology”
14:50 Intermission
15:20 Constance Rockosi (Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz)
“DESI and Growing Up in the SDSS”
15:50 Naoyuki Tamura (Project Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo; Project Manager & Project Systems Engineer of PFS Project)
“Prime Focus Spectrograph Project for Subaru Telescope: Challenges, which Professor Gunn loves, are continuing after the great success of SDSS and HSC.”
16:20 Masamune Oguri (Assistant Professor, the University of Tokyo)
“SDSS, Gravitational Lensing, and Quasars”
16:50 Closing


James Gunn


Dr. Gunn led the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which produced a three-dimensional digital cosmic map encompassing a broad region. He played a leading role in the project, including planning, instrument development, and data analysis, and contributed to the elucidation of the evolutionary history of the universe. He also published many pioneering astrophysical theories. Through these achievements, he has provided us a significant understanding of the universe.


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