Colors of plants, Silkworm thread and Weaving by hands Ars Shimura Exhibition

Photo: Color Circle

Ars Shimura Exhibition of the 2016 graduation works “I dye; I weave; I wear” is open to the public at the Kyoto International Community House – Japanese style annex (Higashiyama, Kyoto) from Feb.16 through 19. The Ars Shimura is a school that Dyeing and weaving artists, Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura established in 2013.

Fukumi Shimura mentioned in her 2014 Kyoto Prize Commemorative lecture that she started her work based upon words of well-known Mingei (arts and crafts) Movement proponents, Mr. Soetsu Yanagi: “the colors of natural dyes, yarns spun at the sacrifice of silkworms, and weaving by hand.” She told her own spirit when opening the school Ars Shimura, to the audience at the end of her lecture that I want to pass on to the young people of today “lives of plants and the principles of textile manufacturing” and “revering nature and plants which provide the beautiful colors naturally”

In the exhibition, the 26 new artists’ works are displayed marvelously.

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