The 2010 Kyoto Prize Workshops

Perspective of iPS Cells: Principles of Mechanism and Application to Regenerative Medicine

Shinya Yamanaka

/  Medical Scientist

Advanced Technology

Biotechnology and Medical Technology


11 /12 Fri

13:30 - 17:20

Place: Kyoto International Conference Center

Address:Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan



Opening Address and Introduction of Laureate Tatsutoshi Nakahata
Laureate Lecture Shinya Yamanaka (Laureate in Advanced Technology)
“Induction of Pluripotency by Defined Factors”
Lecture Kiyokazu Agata
“Lessons from regenerative animals”
Lecture Takashi Tada [Associate Professor, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University]
“Nuclear reprogramming from fantasy to reality: Cell fusion and iPS cells”
Lecture Hitoshi Niwa [Project Leader, Laboratory for Pluripotent Stem Cell Studies, Center for Developmental Biology, RIKEN]
“Physiological functions of the 4 transcription factors inducing iPS cells”
Lecture Megumu Saito [Assistant Professor, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University]
“Application of disease-associated iPS cells: Bedside to bench and back”
Lecture Hiromitsu Nakauchi [Member of Kyoto Prize Selection Committee in Advanced Technology; Professor, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo]
“Progress of iPS cell research and prospect for future medicine: Generation of organs from iPS cells”
Lecture Hideyuki Okano [Professor, School of Medicine, Keio University]
“iPS cell research: Its strategic development from basic to clinics”
Closing Address Tasuku Honjo


Shinya Yamanaka

Medical Scientist

By introducing just four transcription factor genes into dermal fibroblasts, Dr. Yamanaka succeeded in producing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which exhibit a pluripotency similar to that of embryonic stem (ES) cells. The iPS cell technology is now expected not only to expand the possibilities of regenerative medicine, but also to make significant contributions to the rapid progress of medical science in general.


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Friday, November 12, 2010
Kyoto International Conference Center
Tasuku Honjo [Chairman, Kyoto Prize Committee in Advanced Technology; Executive Member, Council for Science and Technology Policy, Cabinet Office] Tatsutoshi Nakahata [Deputy Director, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University] Kiyokazu Agata [Professor, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University]
Tatsutoshi Nakahata
Organized by Inamori Foundation and Kyoto University
Supported by Kyoto Prefectural Government, Kyoto City Government, and NHK
With the Cooperation of The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration, The Japanese Society of Hematology, The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine, Japan Society for Cell Biology, Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists, The Molecular Biology Society of Japan