The 2014 Kyoto Prize Workshops

The Frontline of Biomaterial Studies

Robert Samuel Langer

/  Biomedical Engineer

Advanced Technology

Biotechnology and Medical Technology


11 /12 Wed

10:00 - 16:00

Place: Kyoto International Conference Center

Address:Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan



Opening Address and Introduction of Laureate Mitsuru Hashida (Professor, Kyoto University)
Morning Session “Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine” Chairperson: Yasuhiko Tabata
Laureate’s Lecture Robert Samuel Langer (the Laureate in Advanced Technology)
“Biomaterials and Biotechnology: From the Discovery of the First Angiogenesis Inhibitors to the Development of Controlled Drug Delivery Systems and the Foundation of Tissue Engineering”
Lecture Yasuhiko Tabata
“Regenerative Medicine from the Viewpoint of Biomaterials Technology: Regenerative Therapy and Regenerative Research”
Lecture Masaya Nakamura (Associate Professor, Keio University)
“Regenerative Medicine for Spinal Cord Injury”
Afternoon Session “DDS and Drug Therapy” Chairperson: Mitsuru Hashida
Lecture Yoshinobu Takakura (Professor, Kyoto University)
“Optimized Design of Nucleic Acid-Based Nanomedicine”
Lecture Kazunori Kataoka (Professor, the University of Tokyo)
“Smart Targeted Therapy by Self-Assembled Supramolecular Nanosystem”
Lecture Hiroshi Kikuchi (Officer, Eisai Co., Ltd.)
“The Importance of Species Difference in the Development of DDS medicines”
Closing Address Mitsuru Hashida


Robert Samuel Langer

Biomedical Engineer

Dr. Langer founded the tissue engineering which is indispensable for the implementation of regenerative medicine, by applying biodegradable polymer technologies to construct “scaffolds” for cells, thereby succeeding in the regeneration of various organs. He has also developed drug delivery system technologies for the controlled release of proteins, nucleic acids, and other macromolecular drugs, and has actively promoted their practical applications. Dr. Langer is a pioneer to take the lead in the interdisciplinary field of medicine and engineering.


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Kyoto International Conference Center
Yasuhiko Tabata (Professor, Kyoto University)
Organized by Inamori Foundation
Supported by Kyoto Prefectural Government, Kyoto City Government, NHK
With the cooperation of Japanese Society for Artificial Organs, Japanese Society for Biomaterials, Japanese Society for Immunology, Japanese Society of Molecular Medicine, Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan, The Japan Society of Drug Delivery System, The Japanese Cancer Association, The Japanese Orthopaedic Association, The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics, The Japanese Society for Wound Healing, The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration, The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine, The Molecular Biology Society of Japan, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, The Society of Polymer Science, Japan