The 2009 Kyoto Prize Workshops

Evolution, Speciation and Long-Term Field Study

Peter Raymond Grant

/  Evolutionary Biologist

Basic Sciences

Biological Sciences(Evolution, Behavior, Ecology, Environment)


11 /12 Thu

13:00 - 17:10

Place: Kyoto International Conference Center

Address:Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan



Opening Address Yoh Iwasa
Introduction of Laureates Nanako Shigesada [Member, Kyoto Prize Committee; Professor, Faculty of Culture and Information Science, Doshisha University]
Laureate Lecture Peter Raymond Grant (the Laureate in Basic Sciences)
Barbara Rosemary Grant (the Laureate in Basic Sciences)
“Evolution of Darwin’s Finches”
Lecture Hiroshi Nakamura [Professor, Faculty of Education, Shinshu University]
“Cuckoo—Rapid Evolution of Egg-Mimicry—”
Lecture Makoto Kato [Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University]
“Obligate Pollination Mutualism Discovered in Phyllanthaceae: Rapid Synergistic Diversification of the Partners”
Lecture Norihiro Okada [Member, Kyoto Prize Committee; Professor, Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Tokyo Institute of Technology]
“Search for the Mechanisms of Rapid Speciation of Victorian Cichlids”


Peter Raymond Grant

Evolutionary Biologist

Through the long-term field study more than 35 years on Darwin’s finches on the Galápagos Islands, the Grants demonstrated that morphology and behavior of organisms are altered rapidly by natural selection in response to recurrent environmental changes. Their work has not only made enormous contributions to evolutionary biology and ecology, but also has had a profound influence on the general public through demonstrating the evolution by natural selection in the field.


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13:00 – 17:10, Thursday, November 12, 2009
Kyoto International Conference Center
Coordinator and Moderator
Yoh Iwasa [Chairman, Kyoto Prize Selection Committee; Professor, Faculty of Sciences, Kyushu University]
Organized by Inamori Foundation
Supported by Kyoto Prefectural Government, Kyoto City Government, and NHK
With the cooperation of The Ecological Society of Japan, Japan Ethological Society, The Ornithological Society of Japan, Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan, The Society of Population Ecology, The Society for the Study of Species Biology, The Zoological Society of Japan