Kyoto Prize Symposium held in San Diego, U.S.A.


The brightly sunny, beautiful seafront city—San Diego, the southernmost town of California, U.S.A. welcomed the 2017 Kyoto Prize laureates and held the Kyoto Prize Symposium (KPS) magnificently for three days in March 20-22, 2018.


KPS was opened by the benefit gala. Three laureates delivered their lectures at the local universities respectively; Dr. Takashi Mimura, Semiconductor Engineer at San Diego State University; Dr. Graham Farquhar, Plant Physiologist at UC San Diego; Dr. Richard Taruskin, Musicologist at University of San Diego. The approximately 1,500 attendance including local civilians exchanged their views with the Kyoto Prize laureates closely.



The 2017 Kyoto Prize series of events will be completed as a grand finale at the “Kyoto Prize at Oxford,” held by University of Oxford, U.K. in May, 2018.

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