Symposium Commemorating Dr. Grenfell’s Visit to Japan Was Held at Kyoto University

On November 12, two days after the 2023 Kyoto Prize Presentation Ceremony, a symposium entitled “Understanding the World through Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases” was held at Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall in commemoration of the visit to Japan of Dr. Bryan T. Grenfell, the 2022 Kyoto Prize Laureate in Basic Sciences.

Dr. Grenfell gave a lecture as a special speaker at the end of the symposium and talked about his research on pathogen-host dynamics using mathematical models, including the latest findings such as the analysis of COVID-19 infection routes using Google-provided human mobility data. During the Q&A session, he shared enthusiastic discussions with many researchers, from young to professors.

Dr. Grenfell and other speakers of the symposium

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