【Lecture Videos Available Online】Kyoto Prize Symposium Held in the USA


The 2023 Kyoto Prize Symposium was held in San Diego, California from March 15 to 17. All the events were conducted in-person for the first time in four years, including lectures by the three 2022 laureates, Dr. Carver Mead, Dr. Bryan T. Grenfell and Dr. Zakir Hussain, as well as the Benefit Gala. Here is a brief report of the events.


At the Gala held on March 15, the laureates were introduced on the stage, and each of them made a speech, reflecting on life and expressing words of encouragement to the audience, especially young people. It was followed by the introduction of six high school seniors from San Diego and Tijuana, who have been selected to receive the Kyoto Symposium Organization’s scholarships for university preparation. The scholarship recipients were given warm applause by about 300 participants gathered at the venue when they talked about what they want to achieve after entering university as well as their extracurricular activities. Singing performance also livened up the event.

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The laureates engaged in academic events such as lectures, a performance, and a discussion with professors at the University of California San Diego on March 15 and 17. About 800 participants in total, including university and high school students, intently listened to the presentations and gave a round of applause to the laureates. There were many students waiting in line to talk to the laureates, get their autographs and have their photos taken together after the event. Workshops and Q&A sessions were also held so that students could further interact with the laureates. The series of events ended on a high note.
(Updated on April 24) The lecture videos are available on the UCSD-TV website.

As a Kyoto Symposium-related event, Dr. Zakir Hussain played in a concert at a theater in downtown San Diego on March 18. In the concert, which was hosted by La Jolla Music Society and sponsored by the Inamori Foundation, the audience was fascinated by a highly technical yet powerful, harmonized performance with Indian and African traditional musical instruments such as the tabla as well as a wide variety of percussion. The theater was filled with excitement throughout the concert.


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