Viewing the Kyoto Prize at Oxford

The Kyoto Prize laureates are the invited speakers at “Kyoto Prize at Oxford,” that was held in the University of Oxford, U.K. To extend the recognition of the Kyoto Prize not only in U.K. but across whole Europe, the symposium has been held since 2017. This year marks the third year. The 2019 symposium was conducted in May 14-15.

Under the mild weather of blue sky, the 2018 Kyoto Prize laureates congregated to the campus of the University of Oxford, surrounded by the solemn stone buildings. The public lectures presented by the Kyoto Prize laureates, the panel discussion featuring a leadership and the welcome dinner were conducted. Please enjoy the photos that you can see the events before reaching to the finale on May 15.

Photos 1: Public Lectures

Photos 2: Welcome Dinner