Japanese TV program “Okinomiya by Fukumi Shimura and Michiko Ishimure” The special exhibition at Kyoto

Fukumi Shimura at Atelier in Kyoto, 2015

How does human being revere nature and live together? Dyeing and weaving artist Fukumi Shimura and author Michiko Ishimure are fused into new Noh play Okinomiya. Hand in hand, they appealed to the public a dignity of life beyond space and time. NHK production looked deeply into the background before realizing the eventual stage. Shimura’s belief on a color of Noh costume and her approach as she devoted herself into dyeing a cloth is included in the footage.

T.V. program: NHK E. T.V. Okinomiya by Fukumi Shimura and Michiko Ishimure
Date and Time: Thursday, January 24, 0:00–1:00AM (60min.)
URL: http://www4.nhk.or.jp/etv21c/x/2019-01-19/31/11130/2259646/

Left: Shiro Amakusa wearing heavenly blue cloth (From Okinomiya by Tatsunori Kongo, the Kongo School of Noh)
Right: Ryujin flying in the space (From Okinomiya by Hisanori Kongo, the Kongo School of Noh)

Kariginu of Ryujin produced by Fukumi Shimura

From January 19 through January 29, Kariginu, a cloth of Ryujin: God of Rain, used at the Noh play Okinomiya is displayed at Atelier-Shimura in Kyoto. For more detail, please check out the following websites.

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