Dr. Kashiwara won the Chern Medal Award

Dr. Masaki Kashiwara (left) and Dr. Shigefumi Mori (right)

International Mathematical Union (IMU) awarding the Fields Medal, Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize, and others announced to present the Chern Medal that is awarded to an individual whose accomplishments warrant the highest level of recognition for outstanding achievements in the field of mathematics to Dr. Masaki Kashiwara, the 2018 Kyoto Prize laureate in Basic Sciences, Project Professor, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University. Dr. Kashiwara is the first Japanese winner.

IMU commended Dr. Kashiwara’s works as “outstanding and foundational contributions to algebraic analysis and representation theory sustained over a period of almost 50 years” and described “It stands out in depth, breadth, technical brilliance and extraordinary originality. It is impossible to imagine either algebraic analysis or representation theory without his contributions.”

The presentation ceremony takes place on August 5 in the congress of the IMU, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Congratulations on winning the great award in addition to the 2018 Kyoto Prize!