Dr. Tasuku Honjo, awarded Keio Medical Science Prize

On September 12, Keio University announced the 21st Keio Medical Science Prize laureates, and Dr. Tasuku Honjo (Medical Scientist, Professor of Kyoto University, 2016 Kyoto Prize laureate in Basic Sciences) was selected. This prize is awarded to the researchers who have made an outstanding contribution to the fields of medicine or the life sciences. We offer heartfelt congratulations.

In 2015, this prize was also given to Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi (Molecular Cell Biologist, Professor of Tokyo Institute of University, 2012 Kyoto Prize laureate in Basic Sciences). Kyoto Prize laureates are awarded for the second consecutive year.

During 2016 “Kyoto Prize Week,” starting on upcoming November 9th, Dr. Honjo will talk about his latest research in the commemorative lecture and workshop. If you wish to attend these programs, please make an application, referring to the Kyoto Prize website.

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