Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi granted “Honorary Professor Emeritus” at the University of Tokyo

Photos given by the courtesy of Faculty of Liberal Arts, the University of Tokyo
Right: Dr. Ohsumi, Left: Kazuo Hotate: Executive Vice President

Dr. Ohsumi was granted the title of honorary professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo; the presentation ceremony was held at Komaba campus on Feb. 22, 2017.

Dr. Ohsumi studied at Faculty of Liberal Arts, Basic Sciences and Graduate School of Science. The discovery when he was an assistant professor gave a trigger going into a research of Autophagy.

The title of “Honorary Professor Emeritus” was established in 2005 at the University of Tokyo; 6 persons have been granted as of today. Architect Tadao Ando (2002 Kyoto Prize laureate in Arts and Philosophy) is among them.


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