Arts and Philosophy: Workshop

Radicalism of Performance and Media Art—Joan Jonas and the Succession—

Radicalism of Performance and Media Art
—Joan Jonas and the Succession—

Arts and Philosophy:Joan Jonas

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Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 19:00- (The doors open at 18:30)
Place: North Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Coordinators: Yusuke Hashimoto (Program Director, ROHM Theatre Kyoto), Mizuho Fujita (Curator, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA)

Coordinators and Performers

  • Yusuke HashimotoYusuke Hashimoto
    © Lucille Reyboz
  • Mizuho FujitaMizuho Fujita
  • Yuriko SasaokaYuriko Sasaoka
  • Teppei KaneujiTeppei Kaneuji
    © Kotori Kawashima
  • contact Gonzocontact Gonzo
    © Anja Beutler


Laureate's Keynote Lecture: Joan Jonas (Laureate in Arts and Philosophy)
Screening of Laureate's Video Works:
Performance by Young Local Artists: Yuriko Sasaoka (Artist)
Teppei Kaneuji (Sculptor)
contact Gonzo (Performance Group)
Dialogue Between Laureate and Young Local Artists: Joan Jonas
Yuriko Sasaoka
Teppei Kaneuji
contact Gonzo

Organized by Inamori Foundation
Planned and produced by ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Supported by Kyoto Prefectural Government, Kyoto City Government, NHK


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