The Inamori Foundation (hereinafter "Foundation") acknowledges the importance of personal information and views the protection and handling of such information as one of its social responsibilities. The Foundation fully complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other legislation concerning personal information, voluntarily establishes a management system, and sets and implements its privacy policy.

  1. 1. Collection of personal information
    The Foundation will specify the purposes of utilization of personal information, will collect personal information within a reasonable scope, and will not utilize the information beyond the purposes specified.
  2. 2. Purposes of utilization of personal information
    The Foundation will utilize collected personal information for conducting projects as described in the Articles of Association.
    When collecting personal information directly from an individual, the Foundation will explicitly indicate the purposes of its utilization. When the Foundation acquires personal information for purposes other than those stated in its Articles of Association, the Foundation will handle such information within the scope of the purposes of utilization as specified in the separate statement "Matters for Public Announcement."
  3. 3. Secure management of personal information
    The Foundation will exercise appropriate management of all personal information that it collects and will take necessary preventive and corrective measures against unauthorized access, theft, loss, damage, manipulation, leakage, etc.
    When the Foundation entrusts any third party with the handling of personal information, it will exercise control and supervision over such third party to ensure that the information is handled appropriately.
  4. 4. Provision to a third party
    The Foundation will not provide any personal information to any third party except in the following cases:
    1. 1) The individual consents to such provision
    2. 2) Provision is required under a particular law or regulation
    3. 3) Provision is required for the protection of human life or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual concerned
  5. 5. Disclosure, correction, or deletion of retained personal information
    When the Foundation is requested by an individual to disclose, correct, or delete his/her personal information, it will respond appropriately and promptly after confirming the identity of such person.
    If such a request is made by proxy, the Foundation will respond appropriately and promptly after verifying that the proxy is executed by such concerned person (see the separate statement "Matters for Public Announcement" for details).
  6. 6. Procedures and contact information for requesting disclosure, etc.
    When an individual requests disclosure, etc. of his/her personal information, such person must fill out the Foundation's application form and send it, together with a copy of identification (or a letter of proxy if someone substitutes for such person), to the Personal Information Protection Department at the following address (see the separate statement "Matters for Public Announcement" for details).
  7. 7. Continual improvement of "compliance structure and programs"
    The Foundation will continually revise and improve its policies, structure, internal regulations, implementation methods, etc. for protection of collected personal information in response to changes in the Foundation's activities policy, Japanese laws/regulations, society, and the information technology environment.
    Please see the separate "Matters for Public Announcement Pursuant to the 'Act on the Protection of Personal Information'" for details about the "purposes of utilization of personal information," "purposes of utilization of retained personal data," and "disclosure procedures."
For inquiries about protection of personal information by the Foundation, please contact us at:
Operation Department,
Inamori Foundation
7F, COCON Karasuma, 620 Suiginya-cho, Karasuma-dori Shijo- sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8411
Phone: +81-75-353-7272