Announcement of the 2018 Kyoto Prize Laureates



The Inamori Foundation (President: Kazuo Inamori) is pleased to announce the new three laureates of the 2018 Kyoto Prize. The Kyoto Prize Presentation Ceremony will be held in Kyoto, Japan on November 10. Each laureate will receive a diploma, the Kyoto Prize medal (20K gold), and prize money of 100 million yen. This year’s Prize goes to the following three individuals, Dr. Karl Deisseroth, Dr. Masaki Kashiwara and Ms. Joan Jonas. Dr. Karl Deisseroth for Advanced Technology is the youngest laureate ever in the history of the Kyoto Prize.

– 2018 Kyoto Prize Laureates
– 2018 Kyoto Prize Selection Organization Members
– Press Release

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