2017 Kyoto Prize Laureates announced


3Laureates_ENnewsThe Inamori Foundation (President: Kazuo Inamori) today announced the laureates of the 2017 Kyoto Prize. We would especially like to bring up to your attention that the laureates include one from Oceania for the first time in the history of the Kyoto Prize. It is also the first in the history that the prize for the field of music goes to a researcher of musicology, while his fellow laureates in the same field were either composers or performers.

2017 Kyoto Prize Laureates
2017 Kyoto Prize Selection Organization Members
Press Release

The prize presentation ceremony will be held in Kyoto, Japan on November 10. Each laureate will receive a diploma, the Kyoto Prize medal (20K gold), and prize money of 50 million yen.

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