Every year, the Inamori Foundation selects internationally recognized authorities in each field of the three Kyoto Prize categories to serve as nominators. Laureates will be chosen only from among the pool of officially nominated candidates. The candidates thus nominated from around the world are reviewed by the Kyoto Prize Selection Organization, which consists of three Kyoto Prize Selection Committees (one for each category), three Kyoto Prize Committees (one for each category), and the Kyoto Prize Executive Committee. This three-tiered structure ensures strict impartiality, a primary concern of the Inamori Foundation.

The first screening is done by the Kyoto Prize Selection Committees, made up of leading authorities in each Prize field. Next, focusing on the recommendations of the Selection Committees while applying a wider range of criteria, the Kyoto Prize Committees choose ranked short lists of candidates. Finally, the Kyoto Prize Executive Committee selects the finalists in all three categories from a broader perspective, paying special attention to whether their achievements are in line with the philosophy of the Kyoto Prize. The Kyoto Prize Executive Committee decides the laureates, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

Kyoto Prize Selection Organization
Members of the 2018 Kyoto Prize
Selection Organization