2016 Kyoto Prize Laureates

Advanced TechnologyInformation Science

Pioneering Contributions, both Theoretical and Practical, to Computer Vision and Robotics

Takeo Kanade
Takeo Kanade
  • Japan / October 24, 1945
  • Roboticist
  • U. A. and Helen Whitaker University Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Basic SciencesLife Sciences (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology)

Discovery of the Mechanism Responsible for the Functional Diversification of Antibodies, Immunoregulatory Molecules and Clinical Applications of PD-1

Tasuku Honjo 写真
Tasuku Honjo
  • Japan / January 27, 1942
  • Medical Scientist
  • Professor, Kyoto University
Arts and PhilosophyThought and Ethics

A Philosopher Who Has Developed a New Theory of Justice Advocating the Capabilities Approach

Martha Craven Nussbaum 写真
Martha Craven Nussbaum
  • U.S.A. / May 6, 1947
  • Philosopher
  • Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, The University of Chicago